About us

We offer you much more than the usual personal assistance companies. We are all that everyone wants to be. Because we are usually characterized by perfection, we have become one of the most important Company which provide services in all over the middle east, Asia and Europe for a personal help . We work in a professional, dependable, friendly and confidential manner, and we do not believe in concessions. This is the secret of our success and our wonderful reputation.

Our History :

We bring professionalism, honesty, and integrity to personal assistance services. Al-Khaled International Company was initially established to fill a gap in the market. There are many personal help companies, but we are quite different. We focus only on managing the luxurious lifestyle, dealing only with the best and most carefully chosen products and services in every field.

Our Experiences :

Personal assistance services are much more than just making calls, marketing and public relations, the most important thing is substance. In the sea of information provided by the Internet, finding the best among many misleading options may be a confusing process, consuming a lot of time. But with our extensive and reliable network of contacts, we are experts in "finding" the impossible, so you do not have to search.

We understand the needs of our customers, listen to their wishes, and take pride in meeting all the tasks they entrust to us, even small ones. We know that to achieve an effective prioritization, it is best to leave the less important and time consuming tasks to trusted people, giving you more to do what you want to do, and giving you enough time to enjoy your life! By our help, you can rest assured that no matter what task you entrust to us, it will be implemented immediately, simply, and ideally.

Personal assistance services are more than just arranging a person's needs. We at Al- Khaled International Company have many other advantages and experiences that we believe are essential to success in providing luxury personal services. We consider ourselves as experts in people..